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CareFree QA System

Quality Assurance in CareFree allows you to setup items which need to be monitored and tracked. For instance it might be that you want to use the system to keep track of the number of spot-checks you have carried out for a particular carer and more importantly when the next one is due.

There are many types of QA's, the general rule of thumb is that if you need to track and raise future events, then the CareFree QA system is the tool you need to use.

Before using the QA tool to add items to clients or carers, its a good idea to check the setup of your system.

Using the items screen from the top menu:

Navigate to the QA Months:

Make sure that every month is selected on this list for both clients and carers. If not use the Edit button at the bottom then tick the missing months to make the change.

Whilst still in Item's navigate to QA Types:

You will notice in QA Types that there are lots of items which have been setup for you. Its really easy to add new ones, just press the New button at the bottom of the screen to do this.

Name:This field is where you will enter the name of the QA item e.g Spot-check.

Type:Specify either clients, carers or both so that the system knows who the QA's apply to.

Intervention:This is the total weeks/months before the QA repeats, for a spot-check this might be every 3 months for a carer. You can leave the other field blank in this instance, only fill out both if it applied to both client and carer.

Warnings:This field will setup the QA alert time in either weeks or months and then you specify when you want to be alerted, for instance for a spotcheck you might want a weeks notice to start planning the rota availability for a supervisor/manager.

QA Warnings are located at the bottom of the screen:

You can access the main QA system from the top menu bar:

This will open the main QA screen, you will notice the screen is slit between Clients and Carers, these tabs are what you will use swap between the lists.

On the bottom right is the toolbar you'll be using to add QA items to clients or Carers:

Click New

Fill out the details for the specifics for the QA item you wish to add.

Scheduled Type:This is a drop down box where you will select the QA which you want to add, we might select Spot-Check for instance

Scheduled Month/Year/On/Responded:These boxes allow you to put in date information regarding the QA.

Location/Venue/Learning Type/Satisfaction Score:These boxes relate to training QA items, which allow you to record additional information about the QA's. The drop down boxes in this area might not have anything in them, add more using Items - see the left hand panel for help with this.

Rota Details:This section allows you to enter the QA information into the rota, this might be very useful for any training related QA's. Be careful adding Spot-check information onto the wrong rota as this would allow the carer to see upcoming information which might not be wanted from a business point of view.

Press Save once you are ready to add the item.

This will add the item to that person you have selected on the left hand side.

Of the main benefits to the CareFree QA system is that it will help with re-allocation of QA's once a completed date has been set. Once a completed date has been entered you will see this screen:

You are then free to make a decision on the next QA to be added, go either by the pre-allocated scheduled date or change to the completed date if this would be more beneficial.

The picture above shows both the completed and scheduled date in the same month, usually this would be different on a live system.

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