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Electronic Call Monitoring

CareFree works with various electronic call monitoring systems (ECM herein), this article will only document the RoadRunner ECM product which is CareFree's own ECM system. For questions regarding other ECM systems you can speak with our support department for further details.


RoadRunner is a mobile phone application, which runs on Android devices. RoadRunner is not a public application and cannot be installed from the google play store, instead we will give you the installation link for the application which must be installed onto the devices. Our support department can point you in the right direction for the download links etc.

Since RoadRunner isn't a google play store app it might be necessary for you to trust unknown sources on the device temporarily whilst the program is installed (you can then change this setting back). This is achieved in various ways depending on the device you use so it might be worth consulting the documentation provided with it for instructions.

When you open the app for the first time it will ask you for the company ID - this will have been provided to you in the documentation received, if not speak with our support department.

One you have entered the company ID you will then be presented with the log in screen. The username is the forename of the carer as it appears in CareFree. The PIN number can also be read from CareFree under general take a look at the call monitor type and read the PIN from there:

The PINS for all of your carers will already be set here hence there is no need to change anything by default. If a PIN does need changing then this is the place where you would write in a new PIN. Pins cannot be duplicates so they need to be unique - the system will tell you if the PIN is a duplicate.

Please consult the Download section for the full guide on RoadRunner.

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