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Creating new Carer records

Select the Carer icon from the main menu:

This will open the main Carers Screen:

Pay attention to these buttons towards the bottom of the screen:

New will create a new record, Edit will allow editing of an existing record, and in certain circumstances Delete will remove a record. Close closes the window.

When navigating the tabs, any fields which are mandatory are in yellow so for instance the surname is a required field on the general tab:

CareFree provides many fields which can be populated, the more data entered into CareFree the more you can report on. Its also easier from a management point of view having all the relevant data populated in one system, cutting down on time wasted searching various places.

Some fields are specifically designed for NMDS data. Please see the NMDS section for more help on this.

To create a record navigate through the tabs and populate the required field areas. Here are some of the areas which you might want to pay particular attention to.

On the other details tab you have some really useful areas:

1) This is the transport types, you can add more via lists of needed. How do your staff get to work?

2) This is the contract start and end dates. Change these when you want to make a staff member “inactive”

3) Minimum and maximum hours for your clients, this gets used in the allocation screens so you can easily see who is below or above their hours allocation.

4) Do you pay mileage or travel time? This section provides fields for recording that data.

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