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Maps with pushpins

CareFree provides a mapping utility so that you can quickly see the home locations of both your carers and clients (based on postcode). This is a very useful utility in helping decide the closest carer to a particular client. An example of when you might use this is if a regular carer cannot make the call, using this tool you can see who else is near.

Maps with pushpins will only populate once postcodes have been entered on both the carer and client screens

Accessing maps with pushpins

From the View toolbar click Maps with pushpins

Using the tool

The tool is very easy to use. Click the drop down boxes at the top to choose the information you want to see. If carers and clients have been placed into companies or branches then make sure you drop those sections to see relevant client/carer locations. Click refresh to see the changes you have made:

You will then see the map populated with carers and clients. Carers are the blue cars whilst clients are the yellow houses:

No Google maps API Key

If this is the first time you have used this tool within your organisation you will see this message:

This is because Google requires programs which use its data to authorise themselves. We need to authorise CareFree with Google Maps, whilst this might sound tricky its actually quite simple to do if you follow these steps:

1) Register for a Google account, this is free and can be done at We recommend using a company specific username and keeping the details of this stored on file.

2) Secondly whilst logged in with your Google account visit this website:

3) Click on “GET A KEY” and choose “+Create a new project”, this will then present you with a key which will look something like this: AIXDeyB7EkKVIiB2rFFSSXFilxQMfNj47aMjEug copy the key from the website as this is what we'll use in CareFree.

Entering the key into CareFree

First you need to access shared options which is done from the top toolbar, you might need the help of your CareFree administrator if you do not have access to this area.

Once in this area navigate to “Mileage” and paste the key from the above step into the “GoogleMaps API key” box:

Press Apply to save. Maps with pushpins will now work. If you have any problems then don't hesitate to speak with our support department

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