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Latest Release Notes

CareFree Login Screen

Current CareFree Version

The current version of CareFree is 5.7.0

Users can check which version of CareFree they are using when logging in. The username and password dialog box can be moved aside by clicking the title and dragging if required.

New Features

New User Interface

Versions of Carefree that are version 5.6 or higher comes with a new user interface which has been designed for easier access for the user and to bring a fresh look to CareFree.

NMDS Overhaul

CareFree has been updated to reflect the changes from the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) to The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS).

National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage report has now been configured to include different bandings to ensure that any top-ups are linked to the age of the carer and the associated National Minimum Wage rate.


The Clients Medication screen has had some new fields and functionality added to allow greater usability.

Previous CareFree Versions


  • A new user interface which has been designed for easier access
  • New more complex password requirements for all CareFree users
  • The ability to hide contact logs if they are older than a certain date
  • An updated agreements form to allow more commissioned hours
  • A new allergy section in the client medication screen


  • An Efficiency Planner is available that will show the efficiency of the Carer’s allocations compared to the time they are available to work, or their day from start to finish, as a percentage.
  • A new section in the user roles restrictions has been added to CareFree for COS – the CareFree Outcomes System
  • It is now possible to pencil in Carers to cover calls from within the unallocated screen.
  • A tab has been added on the medication screen for vulnerability medication management (VMM).
  • Users have the ability to change the maximum amount of days the rota is visible to a Carer using RoadRunner to view their rota.


  • A medication time can now be added to call details and through the package wizard.
  • A dual nationality field has been added to the NMDS Carer Setup screen.
  • Call types on the rota can be changed from a weekly call to a rotational call and vice versa.
  • An option to choose an existing customer when adding in a contract using the contract wizard screen has been added.
  • A new working hours option has been added to CareFree called Office Hours.

Details of changes to Carefree before version 5.5.2 are in historical changes

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